We’re currently looking for people !

Looking for 3D designers and animators:
– Already worked with Panda3D

We have needs for everything right now. Whatever you can do with your modeler hands, we can use !

Looking for scripters / level designers:
– Already worked with AngelScript

Scripting is implemented in a very wide set of features of our game engine.
There is room for less experimented people to work on quests, dialogs.
There is also room for people looking for a greater challenge with artificial intelligences and such.
In the first parts of the development, you will also provide guidance about changes that are to be made in the scripting API in order to make it simpler and/or more efficient. We also need help on completing the documentation for that API.

Looking for writers:
– Appreciated: having played Fallout 1, 2, Tactics, New Vegas. The more the better.
– Obviously required: having read Fallout Equestria fanfictions. The more the better.
You would be creating concepts for cities, side quests, NPCs, that fit the Fallout spirit and the Fallout Equestria universe.
You will work onto implementing the accepted concepts by writing non-linear quests and dialogs.

Interested people might send me a mail using the following form:


12 comments on “Recruitment

  1. Oliver Widemire says:

    Is there an age limit?

  2. Joseph Ming says:

    How many people are working on the project currently? (I submitted an email and am wondering if I will ever get a chance to be part of it.)

    • Michael says:

      Hey you there ! Didn’t notice your comment but it’s good luck ! I think you wrote a wrong mail address when sending the form and I couldn’t reach you back. Would you send another mail so that I can forward the answer to the proper recipient ?

      There’s not a great deal of us working on the project. We’re a small team currently mostly revolving around the work of two people. I expect our numbers never to go past 10 members, though it all depends on overall productivity. Anyhow you are welcome to join: it just takes some talking to us and presenting material that we can use in the game in the future.

  3. Wan Zafirzan says:

    uh I am just asking does the writer works need to write a story about the game? If so then I would love to sign up and give it a try.

  4. kyle luzano says:

    Any idea when this will be released? Oh and what type of side quests and dialogue would you expect from a writer?

  5. TOASTER says:

    will the game feature voice acting?

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