Two freaking years

As of today, the Fallout Equestria RPG project is officially two years old.

It’s been a long time, and you’re still bearing with us… sadly, even though I wanted to have something ready for today, we’re not quite there yet. At first, I was planning on issuing a demo based on the beginning of the game. But with the latest changes made to the engine and game editing tool, making levels has become such a trivial task that I have changed my mind.

The demo will actually feature a completely different level. This way, not only the demo won’t contain any spoilers, but it’ll also be a completely stand-alone story. I can’t tell how much time of gameplay there’ll be, but it should definitely be more than your average demo.

As for the release date, I wouldn’t want to make a promise that we wouldn’t be able to full fill in time (even though we’ve been very much on schedule lately), so I’m not going to say anything too precise… it’s definitely going to be less than half a year, that’s for sure ­čśë !

In the meantime,┬ásince you’re not getting any piece of game right now, let me at least show you some of the progresses we’ve made:


Our very first stable !

A bit of fresh air in the wasteland:getting-there-07

Our recently re-vamped character editor !

And a wider look at the stable !
getting-there-03(if you wish to see it more closely, you’ll have to wait for the game ­čÖé !)

Two years ago, the Fallout Equestria community was already pretty huge and successful. We had an insane amount of fanfiction, gorgeous drawings everywhere, but no videogames whatsoever. After having consumed so much of the community’s work, I had to give something back. And this simply looked liked the best thing to do: provide an RPG Maker equivalent to the Fallout Equestria community, along with the first videogame featuring the Equestrian wasteland.

It’s been long, and remaining loyal to the project hasn’t always been the obvious choice. The port to Windows was a hard blow… it could very well have killed the project. After the rise of Overmare Studio (former Equestria Softwork), making a Fallout Equestria themed mod for Fallout 3: it looked like our project had a lot less reasons to be at that point, even though two games is always better than one !
But then, Panda3D released a complete package for their next 1.9.0 version, containing all the changes we needed to get the game to work on Windows. If they didn’t do it when they did it, the project might’ve ended up abandoned. But they did: if there’s such a thing as destiny, then it obviously wants us to succeed.

And succeed we will. The game looks good, the gameplay gets richer everyday, and the interfaces are more usable and transparent than ever. We’re getting more pumped up than ever, and we hope you’ll get to see just how much work we’ve put into this┬ávery soon !

Hang in there, it’s coming !