It’s coming !

Almost half a year of silence… but it’s coming. Oh yes it is.

Hang in there !


12 comments on “It’s coming !

  1. Skunk292 says:

    So when can we see the first chapter being released, love the series and cant wait to recreate my experience of fallout:equestria in a game form.

    Also i want to donate to this project, is there a way to donate?

  2. Skunk292 says:

    Sorry, forgot to set it so i can get responses to the thread

    • Michael says:

      Pretty sure I already answered, but I can’t see the answer here, so I’ll make it quick ^^ !
      I’d like to make something for the 3 years anniversary of the project, in two months, though I can’t make any promises.
      I can’t really accept donation until we have something almost ready for production. We might be able to use the money to get the help of artists who have made their place in the Fallout Equestria community, but before requesting anything we’ll make sure we can deliver something good enough.

      • J Harton says:

        If you find an artist you like, you might see if they’d be willing to advertise for themselves that they’ll make art for the game if they get a certain amount of donations and then you put your name on it as someone with the game and post it on here. Sort of a third party commission arrangement whose conditions include granting you guys a exclusive right to use or something of that general nature. (i.e. someone commissions something for themselves or because they think it’d be cool and you get to use it). That way no money would be flowing through you guys, because even accepting donations directly seems like it might be dangerous. We don’t want Hasbro or Bethesda’s legal arms coming after you guys because they though you were making money off this somehow.

        Just my two cents.

  3. J Harton says:

    Glad to hear that! 🙂 How far along would you say you are?

    • Michael says:

      If we consider the projects in two parts (the engine/tools and the game itself), the engine and tools are 90% ready, and the game itself… it’s hard to quantify since we don’t really know how much content we’ll be able to put into the game, but it’s fair to say that it’s still in the very early stages.
      However in terms of how much time it’ll take us, the technical part can only involve few people to stay efficient. Maybe we’ll be able to get stuff done much faster in the next steps, since we’ll be able to work with more contributors.

      What’s coming very soon is the first Alphas and Betas of the technical part. It’ll be delivered with some content, in the hope that showing how much potential this project has will attract the people with the skills we lack the most (3D modeling).

  4. Dekkonot says:

    Finally! I absolutely 100% am looking forward to even an alpha or beta of this, because then I’ll have an opportunity to either see it in action or help improve it.

    So if you ever do start looking for actual play testers, feel free to either just ignore me or mail me. It doesn’t really matter as long as you guys can get work done.

  5. AerosRift says:

    Will it be on steam. If not where will it be sold? (sorry im rushing ahead but IM SOOOOO Excited)

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