Fuck yes !


Behold ! The Game Editor running on Windows ! I’ve been striking in the wind for months and finally there’s a piece of Fallout Equestria that works on Windows. Turns out the only thing needed for something to compile properly was the code for the future Panda3D 1.9 version.

As expected, nothing of Panda3D actually works (that’s a whole other story), so of course the Level Designer tab is just a shrotcut to the beloved Windows’ crash solving dialog. Still: everything else works fine and dandy and that sure is great news !

EDIT: As a matter of fact, with a few more hours of investigation, Panda3D was also able to work. We still have a few issues, namely I had to comment out all the collider building (there’s a single particular call to Panda3D that systematically crashes for some reason), ¬†and I’ve been unable to load any model or texture… which sort of kills the purpose of a Level Designer.

The result of this is that the Game Editor doesn’t crash anymore, the Level Designer is accessible, but unusable due to the lack of models. With these progresses I’m sure of it, the working Windows build isn’t far anymore.

EDIT#2: And with a few other hours, most of the game works as well (that is, except for the collider and asset loading issues) ! This is an accurate depiction of me right now: