Fast Level Editing

Greetings !

Lots and lots of work lately,  A lot of love has been directed to the Game Editor. Which is the topic of the next video: using some of our project’s Stable models, I quickly set up a little stable landscape and terrain for the characters to move.


6 comments on “Fast Level Editing

  1. Jon says:

    I’m just as excited for this project as the day I heard about it (I think you’d only made 2 blog posts then) And I’m glad to see the Windows issues didn’t slow it down too much! (Still going to play it in Linux if that’s an option) Hope to hear more updates in the future! I’d love to help the project if I could, but the only thing I can really contribute is sound design type stuff, and that seems rather far off.

    • Michael says:

      The game and game editor will definitely be packaged for at least Ubuntu and Archlinux. Linux is the easiest kind of platform to release for, it will only takes a few minutes. So I’m definitely going to make out-of-the-box solutions to get the game and editor !

      It is far away in our schedule, but we’ll eventually need sound effects. We’ll make an announcement whenever the times come if we need to look for people, but you can also already send a mail with the recruitment form, and I’ll send you a notice when we’ll be needing help on that field.

  2. J Harton says:

    Any chance we might see some binaries (windows?), say by the end of the year? It’d be cool to have something to look at and fiddle with even if it’s just the ability to walk around existing levels (or since you have the level editor, self created levels). — Also, do you have any sense for the hardware requirements? I’ve got a linux machine lying around somewhere that I might be able to compile it on, assuming the graphics will work. I assume you’re using OpenGL (at least on linux), but I don’t know if the graphics on that machine would support anything past opengl 2/2.1

    • Michael says:

      I can’t really tell about Windows. Panda3D went to MSVC2010, which does help… unfortunately it still doesn’t work, and there’s still no valid explanation as to why. It’s quite obvious that my build of Panda3D does not work: even the simplest program crashes when using it.

      And the Windows way slows down things a lot. You don’t get your stuff all neatly packaged, you have to fiddle with it… on Linux I just write “make && make install” and I can use any library as simple as that. With Windows well… the “install” part is missing: you need to move files around, you have to look for all the dlls your program will need to run, and not only it is quite tedious, if you do anything wrong, you’ll get unpredictable behaviours that might be hard to trace back.

      I can tell you that as of today the games compile on MSVC2010. So if you can make a proper build of Panda3D with MSVC2010, it *should* work properly. The nightly builds for Panda3D 1.9.0 are the easiest way of achieving that, since there’s no hack to write to make it work. But I would advise you against trying, I think it’s the kind of thing that drives people to go pick guns and shoot randomly at people.

      If you have a Linux machine somewhere, better start with that. There’s a few explanations as to how to do it here: It only goes over how to compile the game.

      For the game editor, you need Panda3D and Qt5. You’ll also need to use QtCreator to build the thing.

      About the required specifications: just don’t forget to set the graphics settings to the lowest in the option menu and it should work on pretty much anything. Right now I have it working properly on some Intel chipset which is quite inefficient. Can’t even play Quake Live with it. For the rest of the hardware: 2 Cores at 2Ghz and 1Gb of memory should be enough.

      If you need any more details, you can ask on the wiki page. And if you encounter any bugs, you can report them here:

      Cheers !

      • J Harton says:

        Alas, I’m not real familiar with ms visual studio sadly. In any case, I don’t have 2010. I do have a disc for 2012 somewhere, and I might even have it installed (student copy from school — ms dreamspark).

        I agree, windows is a mess in my opinion with regard to software installing. If there isn’t a neat packaged installer for something and/or it doesn’t work out of the box after putting the files in program files I give it a wide berth. If it wasn’t for eclipse/ that there’s a java command line compiler for windows I might never program anything on windows.

        Thanks for the info on the specs, the machine I’m thinking is worse than that and kinda old. Unfortunately I don’t think dual processor and dual core mix. It does have 2gb memory though which is more than I can say for most of the old hardware I have. I wish I could run linux on my laptop… :(, but I’m used to my windows install and don’t want to bork it (as if my harddrive wasn’t already full of stuff).

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