Year #1

Good day everypony !

This week, the first year anniversary of the project has come to pass !

Of course, this calls for a video demonstration and a little recap on what we’ve accomplished with lot of funny anecdotes and such.

And of course, we’re going to do nothing of that today.
Correct that. We actually are going to do some of that. I put together a little demonstration of some of the features we’ve implemented lately.
There are a few not-completely ready features displayed and the montage proved difficult (I couldn’t record any audio, and the cropping has failed on some part of the video). I still hope that you’re going to enjoy seeing a sneak peek at the current state of things.

Here, have a video:

Of course there are still plenty of features to be revealed, and everything in this video is prompt to change.


8 comments on “Year #1

  1. PrufStudent says:

    well… i would like to see more about diz c:

  2. Laughing Lyric says:

    Looks like the game’s coming along well so far. I definitelt am enjoying a sneak peek at the current state of things 🙂

  3. Dis n Dat says:

    This looks amazing and I can’t wait to play it.

  4. Homicidal Hero says:

    “Mostly not anything like Fallout Tactics” eh? Well now there’s companions and the faster than turn by turn combat systems which was only in Fallout Tactics so yeah.

    • Michael says:

      Well actually Fallout Tactics had real-time fighting and turn per turn fighting. Fallout Equestria RPG have only turn per turn fighting.
      Also, the difference in companions between Fallout Tactics and Fallout was made quite clear lately by Fargo when he explained it for Wasteland II: in Tactics, you actually control a team of characters (like in Baldur Gates). To allow better immersion, companions in Fallout are controlled by an AI instead of the player (they’re your friends, but they decide of their path of course by themselves). This is the behavior implemented in this game.

      It is true that the interface to check out the companions looks a lot like the one from Fallout Tactics. But the companion system is nothing like the one from FoT. They are actually companions, not team-mates.

      • Homicidal Hero says:

        Aw darn! Can you at least add a AI that goes around riding a pink bicycle selling the substitute to NukaCola, complains how he hates his job, and that it is family tradition passed down by his father and father’s father? The character would be a reference to an actual merchant who does this job in FOT and that would be epic. A reference is all I ask of now unless you got a job for someone who creates ideas. Kinda like game designer. And I really like the old digit trading system where you use the number pad to type the number of items to give/get. This is Emerald signing off. P.S., sorry I’m a mouthful. I got a type of genius spectrum where I obsess with literally anything and everything I like.

      • Michael says:

        Oh yeah. I remember that fucker all right.
        Back in the days I was only using one save slot. I was almost done with the game. Then I meet this nuka-cola selling lad and I save the game. Then there was no exit zone. It turns out that it was a known bug, with no other workarounds than loading another save slot.
        This guy *ruined* my game.
        But he was fun. So yeah, why not having a little reference to FoT.

        I also liked using the padnum a lot for trading in the first Fallouts. We did something of the likes in our trading system, but it doesn’t look exactly the same.

  5. Zaknack says:

    Wow just found this when wandering the web for FoE stuff, and this looks DAMN AMAZING keep up the good work I would love to play it in full one day.

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