Hang in there !

Word of warning, this post is aimed at our developer readers. Other people will have to wait a tiny little while longer. Hopefully it will be worth the wait 🙂 !

Lately and thanks to the support of Equestria Gaming we received a great deal of new visitors. We gratefuly thanks Equestria Gaming while saluting our new subscribers !
This also had the effect of attracting a few developers interested in the project. It made something very clear: I needed to start working on a technical documentation to give other developers the tools needed to start hacking here and there, or even join the project.

I had been paralyzed until now, mainly because I freaking hate every documentation tool that exists out there. They’re either ugly, too much text-oriented, and usually encourage us to pollute headers with huge blobs of commentaries.
To answer this issue, there was only one possible solution: I wrote my own documentation generator.

Twilidoc is a documentation generator that generates a huge json file, and then displays it in a tiny web interface.
Thanks to my own work and a few amazing javascript libraries, we have quite a few interesting features:
– Accurate syntax coloration for C++ chunks of code
– UML diagram generation
– Powerful search features
– Contextual information popping up when appropriate
– Filtering of the displayed data