Hey guys !


It’s been very long since my previous post. A great deal of things have been accomplished, but we’re still far from anything really worth showing. Instead of raining information on in-progress work, I’ll just talk about a little thing that just made us go a lot further in the development.

The past few days, among other things, I have been working on the maps. And to be more specific, I’ve worked in many ways to allow the coming of our first terrains in the game.

Our Level Designer now implements new features that allow us to handle waypoints faster. We can now automatically place waypoints exactly where they need to be, and selecting waypoints have been made easier.

This allowed me to generate a terrain and import it into the game in almost no time at all. Having finally obtained a terrain to test on, a few adjustment later, I was able to obtain this result. You’re seeing up there a screenshot of our terrain at more or less 7:30pm in-game.

That’s all for now, but more is coming !


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