Getting there

Hey !

I’ve reached the second milestone as planned (well, much faster than planned). And things have been going so well that I thought I would keep working on things until I have enough material for a video much more thrilling than the last one.

And since it will take time, have a little peak at what’s already ready for that next video:

-> New Game creation system and interface, allows you to pick a pre-made character or to create your own, then start a new game.

-> Loading/Saving interfaces: they were shown in the first video, but the interface wasn’t ready at all. Most of it is done now, the interface is much more easier to read and shows details about the saves.

-> Music and sound management. It works pretty well, and has – I believe – every feature you would expect it to have. You’ll see the details in the video.

-> Pipbuck: that’s right, the PipBuck is finally here ! It’s completely different than the Pipboys actually, it’s designed like a little PDA: when you launch it, it shows a list of application that you can launch, interact with, quit or set as background task (useful for, say, a radio application).

It has already two applications, one of which being the clock: you can use it to wait (when possible) for several hours or days.
And since this was implemented, it allowed me to check out the day/night cycle code and make it work with the game clock. So that’s pretty cool.

Sorry if it seems little, I’m trying not to spoil the future big announcement. But I hope it showed you that things are going well.
And well, of course I can’t end this post without some screenshots:

 This is the bartering interface. It seems a bit tight right now, I’ll work on it later. Currently I have it working just like the one from the first Fallouts, but given that screens are much bigger now, I’ll take advantage of all the additional space.


And this is the clock application running inside the Pipbuck. A display for the date, an interface to select how much time you want to wait, a few buttons to trigger all that… it’s the most basic application, but it shows a little bit what we’re able to do with that (and you should soon see much more coming for the Pipbuck, especially since I’m going to work on the quest system pretty soon).

Alright gentlemen, I hope you enjoyed the post ! I must go now. Farewell !