The Dealer


Firstly, many thanks to Equestria Daily and Equestria Megathreads for giving us a bit of light ! And thank you for taking interest in this project. I really want to have a Fallout Equestria game someday, and I’m glad to see that I’m not alone waiting for that.

It’s been a bit more than a week, and a great deal of things have been accomplished. The first video was made after the first project milestone was developed: it was mostly putting the engine basis, such as data engine, script engine, special, and so on.

The second milestone goes about more noticeable stuff, and despite being pretty busy, I still managed to end a good deal of it. We now have:
– Option menu, with resolution, fullscreen/windowed mode and language settings. More to come.
– Interface internationalization (since the dialogues already were, everything is ready for traduction).
– The time now passes by as you travel the wasteland.
– Barter.
– Plenty of other technical stuff to prepare for what’s coming next.

And  there’s still a lot to achieve before the second milestone is reached: for instance a way to actually start games. And a powerful buff system, allowing scripted buffs to act on characters… it will help implement explosives, all kind of poisonings, and drug addiction… the average day of the perfect muckdweller.

AND I have ideas for the PipBuck. I want to work a lot on the script engine to make it a real little computer inside the game. The PipBuck would initially have the same goal as in Fallout 1/2. But it would also be able to get upgrades, which would be new applications for the PipBuck (like a movement detector, a geiger counter, a calendar to keep track of your quests timelines, a hacking tool that allow you to read crypted holodisks, desktop ponies).

Well. Things are going very smoothly. Now that the engine has all it’s basic tools, developing new stuff revealed quite pleasant.
I’m a little short in time so you won’t hear from the project in a while: but it’ll still go on. If you want to check if things are still going on, you can keep an eye on the change list:

I’ll post something when the second milestone is reached (which could take a few weeks). See you then !


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