To the moon !

Onwards and upwards gentlecolts and fillies !

I’ve been working a bit last week-end and I bring fond news about the state of the engine’s development. Indeed, it now brings support for multiple floors !
We can now get up and up and up and up… until the moon and even the stars.

How does it look ?
Well, when you get to another level, the camera smoothly moves up or down, while the upper and lower floors fade away and the current one appears.
For performance issues, all other levels can be hidden: this will most likely improve rendering performance a lot with the weakest configurations, so this behavior will stay as an option. But I’m also working on a better behavior, only hiding the upper floors, and only if they are in the way between the player and the camera.

A few other stuff happened, mostly work on the interface: the pieces are coming together better than expected. If only we had more graphical assets, we would probably be able to show off a little good looking demo of the engine.
Looks like we’ll have to settle for an ugly-looking demo 😉 !


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