Another post ! Hooray !

A lot of things have been accomplished again in the past month.
Today I will display a few images of the works that have been done on inventory management and item actions.

Let us begin with looting: ponies tend to die prematurely in the wasteland, and it’s not like their going to need those shotgun shells anymore. When you reach a body, you can now check out their inventory and pick up whatever you can stuff in your saddlebags.

 You can just move items from one inventory to the other, or take everything by clicking the “Take all” button (which will stuff everything it can in your saddlebags, stopping only when you don’t have anymore room for anything).

Once you picked whatever you need, you can equip some items and use them directly from the main bar at the bottom of the screen. This is done from the Inventory interface:

Sadly, ponies lack hands. But they have many other appendices to handle objects: their mouth, their horn, or their back, on which they can put battlesaddles.
While equipping items, you will be asked which of these you want to use to wield the item. Some items can’t be wielded in the mouth, others in the saddlebags, some of them can also have specific conditions checked by scripts.

Items can perform one or several actions (for instance, a shotgun can shoot, or reload). You can swap between these by right clicking on the item’s icon, just like in the good old Fallouts.

That’s it for today.
Later !


3 comments on “Saddlebags

  1. Macoron says:

    Hey guys, have any progress yet?

  2. Michael says:

    A few, but we’re moving forward a bit slower than usual since it’s holidays time !

  3. Macoron says:

    Great even that somehow move 😉

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