Holy Celestia it’s been a while !

And what a great deal of things we achieved in the past two weeks !
First of all, the tilemap system has been given up and is replaced by “free” maps composed however the level designers want to compose them. Waypoints are being used instead of case for the pathfinding, allowing any kind of terrain and alignment for buildings.

And if you think it was enough to keep me busy for two weeks, well let us see what else have been implemented:
– Character statistics (no generators, nor interface yet).
– Inventory maximum weight
– Scripts for inventory items (executed when an object is used on something for instance)
– Interface for “use item on”
– Unlocking doors using their respective keys
– Normal / Combat / Interrupted states (interrupted being whenever you start a dialog, open your inventory and such).
– A lot of “helpers” to be used by scripts (ai and items): for instance, like physical distance from object1 to object2, cost of a path, and such.
– Action Points

This screenshot has been taken in Combat mode. The interface is only “developer art” of course.
It shows the interface for using objects on something: LittlePip was trying to use a key on herself, but she didn’t have enough Action Point.
The horseshoes on the mainbar show how much action points are currently available (currently, 1) and the maximum of horseshoes LittlePip can have (5). Using the key on herself would’ve cost 2 action points, so she can’t perform this.
Once she used all her action points, or if she passes her turn, the action points will all become gray until her next turn, and the IAs will start playing.

If you’re wondering, the little semi-transparent black balls you see everywhere on the map are actually the waypoints. Of course they’re not visible by default (it’s a feature provided in the game’s debugging consle).

This is all for today ! Farewell !