Do robot ponies dream of electronic bunnies ?

News ! Despite what I stated in the original plan, we will finally make use of a scripting engine : AngelScript and so easy to implement that I just can’t argue against it (plus it’s semi-interpreted and strongly typed : which means performance and easier connecting with the game engine code).

In fact, I worked on it last night and we already have the basis running : NPC’s AI can already run from scripts, which will greatly ease our work (no more compiling yay~) !
This is also the first step for developing our data engine, which we decided would use scripts for dialogues and quests purposes.

And even more than that, there is now a debug console implemented in the game, like in every good game engine ! It’s gonna be of great help while developing/debugging the game itself.
Furthermore, the scripting capabilities will make it even easier for whoever wants to make a sequel to do so. The way I see it, it should even be possible to do so without having to compile a single time. And that, my good sirs, is pretty good news.

To conclude this post, have a look at the in-game console :


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