Get ready folks, this one should be a bit longer than usual.

First of all, I started working on the interfaces using  the libRocket (well, more accurately, I’m learning how to use libRocket : despite the awesomeness, it’s not as easy as it looks like). Since we don’t have any 2d designer working on the interface, it’s only conceptual now but the following screenshots in these post should at least show you the beginnings of the main bar (and we also have a functional menu, but it won’t be showed here).

The second thing I’ve been working on is lighting : the tools for a day/night cycle are now developed and functionals. And I also played a little bit with some other kind of lights (like the halo that glowed around the main character in the first Fallouts). Check it out on your right.
I find these kind of lights very well rendered, and I’m sure they will create quite the ambiance once our cities will be filled with them. There’s still a lot of technical work to avoid a too big amount of lights being costly to the FPS, but I already have plans for that.

On a whole other matter, I’ve also worked and successfully implemented collision checks that allow us to do two very important things :
– Check if a character is in range of a weapon
– Check if a character has a line of sight on another character

The next screenshot will show you how it works (kinda). The rays and spheres aren’t showed in the game of course, I was displaying them for debug purposes.

The next step for this is too work on the fields of view, and detection of a character for another one. For this one however, I’ll probably not use any 3D collision detecting. Some trigonometry of my own should do the trick for the detection zone, and the line of sight method will be used to know if someone really is inside the field of view of a character or not.

Sooo that’s a lot of work already.
And furthermore, I also worked on the pathfinding and made it spotless. This is all going so much quicker than expected !

Good day !


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