Hope Springs

Good morning ! A lot of news today for a lot of things happened in the course of yesterday.

First of all, it’s official, there are now two of us working on this project : Mrakoplaz, who shared the idea of making a Fallout Equestria, found this project out and decided to join forces. Luckily we use the same technologies (C++ and Panda3D), so we’ll be able to quickly get some work done.

His arrival also pressed me  to create a git repository for the project, so here it is :
This will reflect the current state of development. To compile, you need nothing more than Panda3D 1.8.0 and GCC (It should also work with VC, but this is yet to be confirmed. Getting it to be VC compliant was a bit hard since it doesn’t support C++11’s variadic templates… curse you Microsoft !).

And finally, last but not least, I developed a whole new pathfinding system based on Justin Heyes-Jones’s implementation of A* : it will always find the best way very quickly, while supporting every feature of the old pathfinding (e.g: we use a grid, but connecting cases using arcs, each arc having its own weight).


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