Subject 00

Howdy ! So this is the first post about the progresses of the development : I’ll try to make a few of them every once in a while when I have time.
Since I just started development three days ago, I don’t have much to show yet, but I still have two screenshots and a few thing to talk about.

To your left you have a demonstration of tilemap rendering.
Ground, walls and ceilings will work just as they did in the two first Fallout. Right now and it’s probably here to stay, maps and all their details are stored in JSON files.

The camera watches the map from above, with a slightly inclined angle : I plan on using a few camera effects, maybe for fights and dialogue scenes.

You can also see two pandas on the map : as of now, they are the earliest implementation of the game’s Characters. There’s already a few features implemented on them, the most important one being pathfinding (Dijkstra with limited depth).

And the second visible feature for these characters appears in the next screenshot : this is the contextual menu that appears when you try to interact with other characters.
Mouse interactions work exactly the same way as in Fallout : the cursor has two modes (regular and interaction), and you swap between one mode and another with a right click.

In interaction mode, if you click on a character, a contextual menu appears next to it and offers you to chose your an action such as : talk to it, use it, use an object from inventory, use a skill…

This is it for now. In the next few days I’ll work on some objects and interactions with them (starting with doors, and allowing to open/close them).

Good night !


4 comments on “Subject 00

  1. Mrakoplaz says:

    Hmm, I was thinking of something similar just now. Google to check, and I see somepony has had the same idea, and set up a blog just a single day ago! Even using the exact same C++/Panda3D combo. Amazing co-incidence, that.
    Anyway, I’ve got low-poly skills in Blender, a 6-star sci-fi story on Equestria Daily, and obviously experience with both C++ and Panda3D (I even extended the engine myself a tiny bit, to make shader arrays work in OpenGL ^_^). Maybe we can talk?

    • Oh my ! The author of Our First Steps ! Bless Celestia !
      Since I’m all new to this Panda3D framework I’d be more than glad to work with someone that already have experience with it !
      Add me on GTalk whenever you want to talk about it.

      • Mrakoplaz says:

        Oki, then ^_^
        What’s the email address? Maybe I’m just dumb, but I tried looking all around and didn’t see anything.

      • Michael says:

        Nope ! I’m the retard here ! I completly forgot there was nowhere to find my mail !
        My Google login is sexymimi64.

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