New Beginnings

In the course of the past year, since Kkat’s introduced us to the magical land of Fallout: Equestria, the fandom formed around this awesome piece of art have produced a tremendous amount of fan-made content.

Right now, there is so many fanfics written about Fallout: Equestria that one wouldn’t have enough time in his whole life to enjoy them all.
And yet, among the fruit of all this work, to my knowledge, there hasn’t been a single Fallout: Equestria game.

This is wrong. And it is a wrong I intend to fix.

This is why, my fellow bronies, I present to you my new videogame project : a RPG in the world of Fallout Equestria. A videogame taking the gameplay of the oldest and greatest Fallout. With ponies. Though I know Fallout: Equestria was originally based on Bethesda’s Fallout, I’m more a fan of the first ones, and it was my dream as a kid to, one day, create a game that come at least close to the awesomeness of the two first Fallouts.
Sorry if you were expecting something closer to the new generation of Fallout, but I’m not part of the “Shooter RPG” school.  Plus this way it’s way easier to develop : which means more content !

The game will feature :
– 3D levels with isometric view
–  Turn per turn fights
– Ideally, the “Fallout quest pattern” : a main storyline composed of two big quests, and a myriad of side-stories divided on so many side-quests.
– Developing tools (probably just a level editor. But a lot of the engine will be – and is already for what exists – based on text files, so it should be really easy to mod the game)
– Ponies

So when do we get a Fallout game with ponies ?
It’s way too soon to tell : I could give you an estimate of when the game engine will be ready (I’m crowded on work, but at this rate I should be done with it by the beginning of winter).
The game development, however, should take way longer. Depending on who is willing to join me, and how much time are we willing to be spending on this project.

I’m a developer, and for some reason I care about what technologies you use
Well, the game will be fully in C++. No script engine.
To make the dependencies list short, I decided to work with Panda3D : it’s supposed to be easy to use, and it includes seamlessly everything that is needed for this game. Now that I’m actually working with it, I find it a bit messy, and the C++ documentation isn’t in a very good state : but the framework still does a lot of things, does them very well, and despite these downside I’m still pulling through.

Can I help ?
Of course you can.
I’m a lousy artist when it comes to drawing interfaces, or making 3D models. And I never managed to write a music quite fitting to the Fallout world.

Right now I’d be glad to get help from :
– 2D and 3D artists
– Sound / Music artists
– Writers for the main story and quests

Let me know if you’re interested. I’m not expecting a lot of people to jump on this project right of the bat, but I’m sure the enthusiasm will grow with the development of the game engine.


3 comments on “New Beginnings

  1. Lance Catanach says:

    I would love to help write some quests for the story. I just need to know if I should write them like I would write a script for a movie, or if I should write them as a step by step process.

    • Michael says:

      I believe it’s much better to write them as a step by step process, given the quests are represented as trees. It might be ok to write it like a script, but I suspect incorporating the various outcomes while writing a script might be troublesome.
      Right now is actually a good time to get some first drafts for generic quests, since I’m still working on the quest system. Getting some use cases would be a good way to test it and know if it’s ready.
      If you’d like to know more, you can get in touch with me using the recruitment form (

  2. if you can make it mac compatible, ill play test it.
    you can e-mail me n stuff.

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